First Post!

Ahh my first post. Undoubtedly will be my longest for some time. I’m using this blog to document/share some of my experiences, views, knowledge and personality with you the reader and the rest of the internet. Why am I doing this you ask? I’ve already been doing this on a separate blog over on blogger but it’s been completely private. Unable to do everything I’d like over there I thought I’d start a fresh on a site that is more accommodating.

This month I’ve moved out into my new flat in Brixton in which I’m sharing with a friend from work. I used to live in Chelsea. Quite a change but Brixton is a lively place and I’ve moved to a pretty good area. I went out with my friend last saturday night and went up and using an app on my phone found all the local bars and clubs in the area. So we went to all of them to get to the know the area. Was pleasantly surprised to find that between all the old man pubs there are some seriously cool places, top of my list at the moment has to be The Rest Is Noise. A definite must check out if you’re ever in the area have some free time. Cool music, cool people, fun bartenders and good vibes all round. As soon as I find a decent camera I’ll start taking pictures of my nights out, as my friend Michas would say “adventures”, and post them to facebook and give snippets of the good times here.

Training and my ankle sprain on 12th Feb ’10
I haven’t been training as much as I have been in the past and I’m not sorry for that as it’s shed new light on why I train at all. I used to be extremely active training 5-6 times a week with my focus quite heavily on parkour/freerunning but without a solid direction, just vague goals such as:

I want to have better flow

I don’t want to be scared while doing a new jump

Ridiculous and unattainable these are with those goals it made me wonder why weren’t those things happening, so I’d become unhappy and train less and less and less….and less. I reached a point where I wasn’t training for a long time and I had to reassess why I wanted these things but more importantly why I trained at all. I’ve been coasting. Not completely my fault as I’ve been injured for a great length of time and have only just recovered in the past few months. Still I’ve been stagnating.

So why do I train now?
Now I train because I want to be the absolute best I can be. So I can look back at choose a moment in time and say from that day I’ve given it my all, my best, didn’t make excuses and appreciate everything that has come from it. This isn’t specific to pk/fr, martial arts or any other physical activity but all skills in my life that I value. The reason why pk/fr is so important to me is because it has showed me and keeps showing me how to work and achieve things, things I could never have conceived been possible let alone have myself doing them, in a very tangible way. It’s also instilled some core values and work ethic, which I can attribute to my mentors and anyone I’ve learnt from over the past 5 years, that have lead me to improve other areas of my life and for this I’m grateful.

The most important reason though is that I enjoy the training, technical or physical; be it highly focused sessions in the rain, the brutal physical callus tearing or even the laid back open sessions.

Laid back?

I sprained my ankle a week and a bit ago at work coaching! Who would’ve thought spraining my ankle would’ve led me to train more. Sure I can’t do anything that involves my lower body but that hasn’t stopped me in the past. Lucky you can get quite creative with gymnastic rings, an olympic lifting set and a squat rack. I’ve been writing down my training in a log book which has really helped me remember to actually do something that day, but something smart rather than training the same muscle group each time. Slowly but surely I’ve introduced myself to the strength training once more. The first day doing one exercise and adding another when I saw fit. My last day had 6 so I’m getting back into the swing of things.

I see the back squat on the horizon when my ankle is mobile and pain free once more…


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